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This is a constructive criticism page for Chiaki Nanami from Super Dangan Ronpa 2. Feel free to leave any criticism of my portrayal of the character here. I'm rather insecure about her characterization, so any comments would be highly appreciated. This page may also be used to contact me as well, whether it be for plotting purposes or otherwise. Just leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

►►► player information.
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►►► contact information.
Plurk: [ profile] endlesseight
Discord: Len#0139
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out of character;

① 「Backtagging?」 Yes, of course. I'll do this forever and always until the end of time. If I do manage to forget a thread that you wish to backlog, please tell me as soon as possible.
② 「Threadhopping?」 As long as both parties are alright with it, it is definitely fine with me. But if the conversation has been going on for a while, please ask me first!
③ 「Comments in Subject line?」 Well, I actually love subject lines, so feel free to do it as much as you like. ❤
④ 「Is there anything you do not want mentioned around this character? || Fourth Wall Breakage?」 There isn't anything I wouldn't want mentioned around Chiaki, but as for fourth walling, I'd prefer characters not to.
⑤ 「Offensive subjects?」 None that I can think of.

in character;

① 「Hugging this character」 Go right on ahead, but don't expect her not to react towards it.
② 「Kissing this character」 Sure, although her reaction will vary depending on the situation.
③ 「Flirting with this character」 Go ahead, but she might not comprehend it.
④ 「Fighting with this character?」 Tell me beforehand if you want to play out any fights so we can figure things out.
⑤ 「Punching this character (provided they can fight back)?」 Go ahead!
⑥ 「Injuring/killing/etc. this character?」 Injuring is fine as long as you inform me first. Same with "killing".
⑦ 「Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character?」 Go right on ahead!
⑧ 「Triggers?」 None.
⑨ 「Medical info?」 She's a normal teenager, physically.
⑩ 「Using magic on this character?」 Depending on what magic your character is using. Tell me if it's anything big, though!
⑪ 「Joke tags?」 Always. Just make sure that you submit the real tag eventually, though.
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"This is Nanami Chiaki... leave a message... I'll get back to it as soon as possible, probably."

You choose:
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► action
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First and foremost, Chiaki Nanami is being taken from the end of Super Dangan Ronpa 2, which means while spoilers should not come up in regards to the series in its entirety unless your character has intimate CR with her, I would like to warn for them for any possible future interactions you might have with her.

So please tell me if you would like to:
  • Opt out of tagging with her
  • Opt out of partial or full spoilers

Chiaki Nanami is also the Super High School Gamer, which means that she is fully aware of all games up to around 2012. There are a few options that you can take if you wish to opt out, which are the following:

  • Complete opt out, she won't recognize your character, canon, etc.
  • Partial opt out, while she won't recognize your character or canon, she will know of a knock off version (i.e: Dangan Fighter over Street Fighter) - feel free to come up with a knock off version if you choose this option!

As a note, Nanami will never tell characters that they are fictional or game characters, although she may make vague references to things from your canon. Feel free to tell me what's okay and what isn't and we're cool. All comments will be screened for privacy.


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